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A Rubber buffer also known as rubber metal buffer is used in industry mainly to absorb kinetic energy and belong to the product family Dampening elements. They are especially important by repeat impact forces and rapidly moving parts with end stops. Rubber buffers from norelem help to reduce vibrations on machines and give a sprung mounting. Rubber buffers are often used as mounts for aggregates, as door stops or noise reduction elements. Depending on the construction, rubber buffers absorb the energy according to the buffer form. With high radial deflection by shear loading a tapered rubber contour has optimal dampening properties. Whereas parabolic shaped rubber buffers absorb strong impact loads very well. The application possibilities vary depending on the situation. The buffers variably applicable in machine environments.

What is Buffers ?

Buffer is a rubber product which also called rubber metal buffers, vibration dampers. Rubber buffers are a type of anti vibration mounting that eliminates vibration, impact, shock and noise in machinery. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including studs or plate fixings, they are widely used in rubber buffers, cranes, movable machinery, endpoints on structures, trains, automobiles and other engineering equipment, including moving parts. Due to the increasing change in modern production methods, there is a constant demand for speeding up work and ergonomic working environment. This has led to high demand on existing buffer systems. A wide range of popular sizes, thicknesses and widths of rubber buffers are available for most applications. A wide range of rubber buffers commonly known as vibration damping components. They are used to moisturize unpleasant vibrations that can interfere with the operation of the machine and cause shocks or noise. Cylindrical rubber buffers, cone-shaped rubber buffers, bell-shaped rubber buffers and bell-type rubber buffers. Gray rubber vibration-damping elements are especially ideal for applications in the food and medical industries. The offer also includes vibration-damping leveling legs for heavy loads, Available in galvanized steel with base and leveling plate.

Buffers made of different types of rubber are any type of equipment, material or device that is used as a shield, cushion or bumper, especially on mobile machinery, cranes, trolleys, transfer vehicles, etc. They are basically designed. Make sure the structures have a very low impact shock. The rubber buffer is considered a useful safety aid with many uses, such as protecting unprotected corners. rubber bumpers are naturally shock absorbing and sturdy enough to stop solid parts damaging each other. Rubber buffers and rubber buffer stops are easy to install, low maintenance and low cost solutions for absorbing shock and vibration. Our rubber buffers can be manufactured in special rubber compounds for exposure to specific environmental factors such as temperature, oils, acids, solvents and ozone. rubber buffers contain certain materials that can produce natural, nitrile, silicon, chloroprene and EPDM rubber compounds.

Buffer is used to prevent vibrations and shocks in automobiles. They are made from premium quality raw materials like NBR, Neoprene, EPDM and Viton and are any type of tool, material or equipment used as a shield or cushion on a car. In this way, the rubber buffers act as dampers and prevent harmful shocks and rebounds. Automotive rubber buffers made from high quality rubber are also widely used in cranes, moving machinery, end stops on structures, railways and other engineering equipment that are installed with moving parts. There are many types of rubber buffers available in the market like rubber stop buffer, automotive rubber buffer, solid rubber buffer, rubber corner buffer. These rubber buffers are also available depending on the utility of their machinery. Crane rubber buffer, truck rubber buffer, machine rubber buffer and trailer rubber buffer are available.

Types of Rubber Buffers

There are several types of rubber buffers which are mainly classified on the basis of factors such as base plate size, rubber thickness, mid-diameter for fastening or fixtures, rubber contact area etc. Speaking of application style of using or using rubber buffer. They can be divided into the following types.
  • Wall Buffers
  • Rubber Buffer Pads
  • Door Rubber Buffer
  • Cylindrical
  • Parabolic
  • Tapered

Uses of Rubber Buffers

Rubber buffers are commonly used in industry, electric and auto equipment. Used primarily as a protective and anti vibration accessory, rubber buffers have many other uses. These rubber buffers are used for:

  • Energy absorption
  • Elastic installation
  • Soundproofing
  • Damping isolation
  • Travel limitation

Advantages of Rubber Buffers

Rubber buffers are available in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses and most of them come with stud / plate fixing. Strong and flexible in design, most of the kinetic energy released by the buffer effect helps to absorb it. Thus, it is considered to be the best safety aid for protecting and protecting unsafe corners and soundproofing of various types of moving machinery, engineering equipment, etc. we are popular Buffers Manufacturer in Pune with hight quality material.

  • All rubbers whether natural rubber or the various types of synthetic rubbers - are characterized by very high elasticity and tensile strength.
  • They have high impact resistance.
  • Some elastomers also have highest mechanical and dynamic load capacities.
  • They also have good abrasive resistance.

Our range of rubber buffers are versatile construction elements that can be used for a variety of functions, including in the bearings for assemblies, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machines. With rubber bumper stops that are naturally shock absorbing and sturdy enough to stop solid parts from damaging each other, these components are easy to install and maintain. Know more about our ruuber buffer products contact us now.