Oil Seals

In an oil seal environment there is a shaft that is rotating inside a housing or bore. Because of friction, there must be some clearance between the shaft and the bore. The function of the oil seal is to stop whatever fluid is inside from leaking out the clearance between the shaft and housing. The seal may also be used to prevent outside materials, such as dirt, from moving in through the clearance. An oil seal normally consists of three basic components: the sealing element, the metal case and the spring. The purpose of the sealing element is to stop the fluid from leaking between the shaft and housing. The metal case will give rigidity and strength to the seal while it is being held in the bore or recessed groove. The spring will help make the sealing element more effective. All materials must be selected depending on the environment in which the oil seal will function.

What is Oil Seals ?

Rubber oil seals are components that fit on pipes and valves to seal oil in essential compartments. They act as a barrier to liquid and gas leaks and prevent oil spills. The rubber oil seal can easily withstand high levels of pressure and temperature, making it one of the most preferred materials for oil seals. Oil seals are used to protect shafts and bearings from the ingress of dirt and foreign substances, and from oil or grease. The oil seal usually consists of an outer spherical metal part and an inner flexible member that performs the actual sealing and is attached to the metal part by chemical adhesive components.

A standard oil seal has an outer circular metal disc with an elastic rubber on the inside that sticks to the metal during vulcanization. The bonded seal has no loose parts to allow oil leakage or the entry of any contaminants. This type of seal is more accurate, and can be easily fitted in a small space. Rubber oil seals have to be carried out in extreme conditions. Therefore, in this situation we take into account all the relevant conditions (mechanical and thermo-chemical phase) to maintain the integrity of the rubber oil seal. They are rotary shaft seals and their main purpose is to seal gaps between stationary and moving elements. Oil seals prevent lubricants from escaping so there is no contamination by opening. In other words, the oil seal acts as a physical barrier to keep the lubricating oil in place and prevent its leakage. Also, when the oil is sealed, external bodies like dirt cannot enter the system. Oil seals come in many types and materials, depending on what they are used for. The choice of material depends on the application for which the oil seal is to be used. Applications include home appliances, automobiles, industrial pumps, power plant equipment, aircraft turbines and compressors. Our standard and custom rubber oil seals can match the increasingly demanding applications of any industry.

Types of Oil Seals

Oil seals with external metal hairs may include finishes or treatments applied to the outer edges to protect against rust, to identify, and to seal abrasions or imperfections in the bore of the house. Normal finishes are applied to the outer edge of the metal Oil seals include:

  • - Metal Cased Oil Seals
  • - Rubber Cased Oil Seals
  • Type SC: Single lip w/spring, rubber covered O.D.
  • Type TB: Double lip with spring, metal O.D.
  • Type SA: Single lip w/spring, reinforced metal O.D.
  • Type TC: Double lip w/spring, rubber covered O.D.
  • Type SB: Single lip with spring, metal O.D.
  • Type TA: Double lip w/spring, reinforced metal O.D.

Benefits of Rubber oil seals

  • Can be easily changed into different shape and size
  • Have superior ozone resistance
  • Can sustain high pressure and temperature
  • Have excellent mechanical strength

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