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A bushing or rubber bushing is a type of vibration isolator. It provides an interface between two parts, damping the energy transmitted through the bushing. A common application is in vehicle suspension systems. We are manufacturing a wide range of Rubber Bushes custom model products according to customer specification. we use only the finest quality of raw materials to create a quality of Product.

What is Rubber Bushes ?

Rubber bushings are effective in reducing the transmission of shocks and vibrations between parts. Rubber bushing is a form of vibration isolator that is placed between two parts to limit the motion between them and absorb, mollify, and buffer the energy produced by their interaction. They are very versatile tools that can be shaped, configured, and formed to fit any type of application, with the most common bushing being cylindrical with a hole in the middle. In the automotive industry, the use of rubber over shock absorbers has many advantages, including improved safety and comfort while driving, reduced noise and loss of vibration. The bushing separates the faces of the two metal objects and allows a certain a movement, allowing the suspension parts to move freely. These products also reduce vibrations or excess energy. As a result, rubber bushings appear to have many uses in product applications and finished products

Rubber bushes have rubber cylinders attached to their outer sides and inner surfaces with hard metal layers. Bushes are widely used as engineering components and are designed for torsional movement, axial and radial loads and cone-shaped deflection. Various sizes of bushes are available in the market as standard items, but special requirements or sizes can be made to specific order. An important part of the rubber bushing function is to prevent the attached pieces from moving and vibrating, which is necessary to eliminate wear and tear. No matter how small their size and rubber composition, rubber bushing is a flexible tool capable of withstanding extreme stress and radical deformation. Rubber bushings come in a various forms. Typically, they are made in the shape of a bracelet cylinder and are enclosed in metal hairs or in an outer tube. In other applications, bushings have an internal crush tube that protects them from being crushed.

There are many types of automotive rubber bushes available that can improve the function and life of various systems and devices. Vibrations not only damage products but can also create noise that is uncomfortable and harmful to the operator. Consequently, it is important to use the right anti-vibration products in the right place. Use of rubber bushes can also eliminate the use of lubrication between the two parts.

Types of Rubber Bushes

Rubber bushings are essential for many types of equipment and machinery due to their durability and strength. Although they are an essential part of vehicles for their vibration suppressing properties, other types of machinery also use them for their nullifying characteristics to protect the equipment from wear. There are various types of rubber bushes are available those are as follows

  • Natural Rubber Bushings
  • Conical Bushings
  • Flanged Bushing
  • Leaf Spring Bushings
  • Sleeve Bushing
  • Control Arm Bushings
  • Bonded Bushings
  • Cylindrical Bushing
  • Reducer Bushing
  • Step Bushings
  • Heavy Duty Bushings

Advantages of Rubber Bushes

Use of rubber bushing can improve the operation process and extend the life of various systems and devices. Without industrial rubber bushings, vibration not only damages the product but also produces noise that is uncomfortable and harmful to the operator. Consequently, it is important to use the right anti vibration products in the right place. We are a leading rubber bushing manufacturer and supplier in pune.

  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Improved safety and comfort when driving
  • Minimised noise caused by vibration
  • Minimised damage caused by vibration
  • Shock rubber bushing can provide a long, maintenance-free service life

Disdvantages of Rubber Bushes

  • Can wear down over long periods of time
  • They can be complicated to replace